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Spaces - INOUT Hostel


Common Spaces


In Inout Hostel you will find several rooms where you can rest, read or meet new people.

The room you will find in the reception is open 24 hours and has access to a sunny terrace, in the reception bar you can order a coffee or a soft drink to enjoy it there.

This room has large windows and tables, as well as free Wi-Fi, so you can turn it into your work area during your stay.

If you haven't brought your computer with you, you can use our computers for free use.

Or if you prefer, you can relax by reading a book from our library, playing foosball or watching TV.

Feel at home in our common spaces


Get to know all the corners of our Hostel.

Don't hesitate to stop by and ask reception if you're looking for a special corner to spend some special time.

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