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Accessibility – INOUT Hostel

INOUT Hostel understands that each customer has different needs and our aim is to make the facilities visually, physically, auditorily and mentally accessible and accessible to all our guests equally.


  • ramps

  • Lift.

  • Adapted parking.

  • 100 Accessible Beds.

  • Adapted bathroom

  • Accessible facilities – bar, restaurant and meeting rooms.

  • Double height desk at reception.



  • Color contrasts between ceiling, floor and door.

  • High lighting.

  • Magnifying glass (available at reception).

  • Braille signage on elevator buttons.


  • Alternative lights to emergency sirens.

Consult the accessibility report created by Predif in the following link:


INOUT Hostel Barcelona

Charming hostel in the middle of the Collserola Natural Park, a privileged natural environment. INOUT Hostel belongs to Icaria Iniciativas Sociales, a non-profit organization dedicated to the social and work inclusion of people with disabilities, constituting 90% of its workforce. This hostel is composed of three independent buildings connected by a sloping road or stairs. As we ascend we will find the Reception Building, the Restaurant Building and the Swimming Pool Building, all of them with accessible interior routes and with rooms made up of bunk beds, a private locker, a light point and its own plug, heating, fans and large windows. Buffet restaurant with beautiful terrace, swimming pool and spaces for events, sports and recreation.

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