Starts the war between tourists and local community in urban centers. For now the battle is won by visitors, but the predictions do not point in that direction. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is beginning to surface …
Recently the alarms have been triggered by the appearance of conflicts between local population and floating population, that is to say tourists and hikers and local population, that in many destinies, especially urban, double and triple in number to the residents of those neighborhoods where they are located Accommodation and entertainment activities.

When talking about tourist capacity, it is no longer just the environmental or cultural issue, but the social one, which even affects the health of the population, since it is very likely causing stressful situations that can lead to total rejection To visitors who invade that minimum space of intimacy that exist in the cities in which tourism explorer has arrived and conquered all those neighborhoods and corners, that previously were to the margin of these tourist flows.
The phenomenon of low-cost as well as collaborative economy has allowed in record time that millions of tourists who did not have access to the existing supply, can already and that implies that the demand has grown and will continue to grow exponentially.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is starting to surface and if you do not know how to manage, unsustainability will end up emerging altogether, which will of course achieve that tourist competitiveness is lost.
There is a certain fact that there are tourist segments that are not compatible neither in time nor in space and therefore it is essential to define towards which demand one wants to direct. Because the motivations and expectations of each market segment are very different, but coincide in the same physical environment.

It would be good to remember that cities are not designed or prepared to be a tourist destination and respond to the expectations of visitors, but to give satisfaction to its inhabitants, where they also open to receive a tourist arrival, but in a sustainable way, Without substantially altering the social, environmental and cultural balance.

arturo CROSBY 12 de Julio del 2017, HOSTELTUR

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