The consolidation in recent years of Barcelona as a tourist destination has driven the development of a model of sustainable and responsible tourism that aims to improve both the quality of life of citizens and the experience of visiting tourists.

For the Barcelona City Council, tourism is an activity with great economic and social importance, which requires the commitment and effort of all the agents involved at a transversal level, with the common challenge of promoting the development of a sustainable city.


Some of the main aspects generated by tourism are:

• Creation of new infrastructures: the development of new services requires the construction of facilities that, in addition to facilitating the enjoyment of tourists, are positive for residents.
• Generation of occupation: there is the demand for qualified human capital for the development of new services and infrastructures that provide a quality stay.
• Knowledge and exchange with other cultural realities: interaction with people from different parts of the world enriches social diversity and collaborates with respect and coexistence of citizens with other cultures.


Although it is true that the benefits generated by tourism are significant, it is important not to dissociate the tourism model from that of the city with the objective of guaranteeing its sustainability, both economically, socially and environmentally.
From the momentum of the organization of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​the Catalan city has experienced an accelerated growth in tourist activity, becoming one of the international reference destinations (Barcelona receives about 27 million visitors each year).

One of the peculiarities of tourism in Barcelona with respect to other cities is that it is a tourist reference not only on a cultural level, but also as a destination for business, congress and sports, as shown by the events that have been held recently.
In order to meet the requirements of this certification, it is necessary to carry out continuous improvement plans aimed at guaranteeing the quality of life of citizens and a good experience of visiting for tourists, making Barcelona an increasingly competitive destination.


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