Environmental Sustainability


INOUT Hostel we reduce in plastic containers. Also, a biomass boiler has been installed for the consumption of hot water and heating with pellets of proximity. All lights are from Leds. It also has installed sectorised thermostats to control the temperature. To minimize the consumption of water INOUT Hostel has installed pushbuttons in the showers.

Durabilité de l'environnement - INOUT Hostel


INOUT Hostel has a commitment to responsible consumption and seeks to reuse furniture and objects that others dismiss.

Do not miss the photo with the bear from the bar restaurant or a drink at the table in the Presidential Suite at the Hotel Arts (Ritz Carltzon).

Durabilité de l'environnement - INOUT Hostel
Durabilité de l'environnement - INOUT Hostel


INOUT Hostel is located in a natural park and we are committed to environmental protection and minimizing our impact in the closest environment.

Environmental Sustainability - INOUT Hostel