Environment – Parc Natural de Collserola

InOut Hostel is set in the Collserola Range. Collserola is a very unique natural park, it is a sample of the Mediterranean flora and fauna, and this diversity shows the biological richness of this lung of the metropolitan area, located between the Barcelonès and the Vallès, between the rivers Besòs and Llobregat.

With an approximate size of 11,100 Ha, 17 km long and 6 km wide, it has a gentle and quite asymmetrical relief: while the Vallesan ridges are long and with a gentle descent, the slopes facing the sea are short. and with a steep slope. The natural wealth of Collserola is made up of its forests, maquias, scrubs, meadows and crops, etc …

Wild boar is an emblematic animal in the forests of Collserola, but its proliferation must be avoided outside of its genuine habitat due to the resources it easily finds in the urban environment (litter, grass …).

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